Community remembers man fatally shot in north Toledo home invasion

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A suspected killer has been arrested Thursday after taking off from a shooting scene in a stolen car Wednesday.

Community members are already mourning the loss of Junior Francous.

"He was cool, he ain't never get outta line with nobody, you know what I'm saying, and everybody respected him. So what happened to him to have happened is like, wow, you know what I'm saying," said Aaron McKinley.

Neighbors and friends are shocked at what happened on the 1000 block of Bricker Avenue.

"He was a nice guy, ain't no problem, no problem come outta him at all. What happened was tragic, but I mean, I dunno, it's the life, its life; it's a part of life," said Chase Britton.

Police received a call about a home invasion at around 1 p.m. that a woman and Francous were inside the home when a male robber entered the house.

When SWAT teams arrived on the scene and entered the home, they found Francous dead, and the female with injuries sustained to her head. The suspect, Demeko Deshun McDaniel, took off in a stolen car from the next block over.

"It's a messed up situation though - I know who stayed there too, you know what I'm saying. My dude, I ain't know his real name but I knew who stayed there, he was a cool dude, his girl was cool, all of them was cool," said McKinley.

Police do not know the motive behind McDaniel entering the house.

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