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New developments for BGSU crime lab

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) – Attorney General Mike Dewine visited Bowling Green State University Tuesday to give an update on the crime lab facility that will be built on campus.

The new Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, or BCI, is in the early stages of planning, but Dewine says he knows enough about the project to make some promises to the community. He says it all comes down to the relationship between the lab and the university.

Dr. Steven Lab, Chair of the BGSU Human Services Department, says it will better prepare students for their work in the real world, as well as improve training for current employees:

"Computer crime and cyber crime, where there's a lack of real understanding in the field and training in the field, we could be a provider of some of that training to their personnel."

Attorney General Dewine feels the lab would also create jobs, and be an efficient use of tax dollars, since the BCI would use already-existing resources.

"This is the type of thing the state needs to be doing more of, and that is taking state government and putting it in the university where a lot of research can take place."

The Attorney General said building specifics will be decided in the next few weeks, and have narrowed down a few possibilities.

Faculty members are also planning to tour a BCI lab, and then decide how those elements would fit into the new facility.

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