Your Day: Monday, May 4th

Men's Grooming: A lot of guys are spending more time in front of the mirror these days.  Men are now responsible for one-third of all beauty & grooming products, and spend 4 to 5 billion dollars per year. So what are they spending so much money on. Click Here for some great style tips for the guys.

Spring Planting: Spring is here and many are now heading to the garden for some spring planting. Your Day's Tara Hastings joined us live from the greenhouse at Owen's Community College with some tips for your garden. For more spring planting tips Click Here.

Cuddle Parties: It is the new craze sweeping America, the cuddle party. Adults gather in their PJ's for an evening of cozy snuggling. But there's a catch. No alcohol or inappropriate snuggling is allowed. The founders say these events encourage communication and stress the value of touch. If you would like more information on the snuggle party Click Here.

Bad Dog Good Dog: Are you having problems with man's best friend? Do you want to turn your bad dog into a good dog? Check out our Good Dog Bad Dog page. You can find great hints on how to train your pooch. You can watch all the segments by Clicking Here.