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New machine offers 3D breast exams

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Three-dimensional mammogram machines are the newest tools in detecting breast cancer.

It can see through every layer, even in women who have a certain type of breast tissue.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life, but women in Mid-Michigan have an opportunity to detect it much quicker thanks to a new 3D machine.

“3D or tomosynthesis allows us to take thin images through the breast tissue and it allows us to look through the dense breast tissue for lesions that might not be seen on the 2D imagining,” said Dr. Miriam Pellerito, radiologist at Regional Medical Imagining in Flint.

Pellerito said the arm of the machine moves left and right in a step and shoot method, which increases the sharpness of the image for a more detailed reading.

“This is the newer technology. The 3D image, which takes multiple projections through the breast and then combines them to make an overall 3D image,” said Dr. Zeynep Yilmaz-Saab, radiologist at Regional Medical Imagining. “As you scroll through you can see we are able to really evaluate the breast tissue at many different levels through the breast and really get a good visualization of how the breast tissue looks on each slice.”

Yilmaz said those sharper images don’t come with higher risks of radiation exposure. She said the 3D mammogram has the same amount of radiation as the normal 2D images. Plus, most insurance companies are already starting to cover it.

The new 3D appointments at Regional Medical Imagining are quick and easy. They only take about 15 minutes.

Pellerito recommends both men and women do self-examinations at home once a month because early detection has increased the five-year survival rate to 89 percent.

“Always come in for a yearly mammogram and any additional imagining that might be necessary for breast cancer detection,” Pellerito said.

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