Bedford Township may enforce new truck load limits with a weighmaster

Bedford Township may enforce new truck load limits with a weighmaster

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Bedford Township finally made progress on some of its terrible roads. Township leaders are trying preserve that progress by preventing semi-trucks with heavy loads from avoiding the weigh station on I-75.

Semis rule Bedford Township roads at different times of the day, but to protect the $10 million in road improvements over the last five years, township trustees just approved a truck route ordinance.

Signs will soon go up telling truckers the road's weight limit. Overloaded trucks have caused the pavement to crumble over the years.

"Well I prefer that we don't stand for it. I think that there is a remedy to all of that," said Bedford Township Trustee Nancy Tienvieri. She wants to hire a weighmaster to enforce the new load limits.

That is someone who can drive around with portable scales to randomly check semis passing through township roads.

"There are other retired deputies in this area, whether it be in Bedford Township or not, that would be willing to be trained to work as a weighmaster," Tienvieri added.

Any fines collected would help pay the weighmaster's salary. And 30 percent of those proceeds would go to libraries.

Bedford Township Deputy Supervisor Al Prieur said, "We're not trying to make it hard for our industrial park or businesses because you can make deliveries. You can get your goods and services there and so on. But it's like, how do we protect this major investment?"

The proposal is currently in the township's law enforcement committee, but Tienvieri hopes to soon get it back to the board of trustees for a vote.

The idea of a weighmaster is also being considered by Monroe County leaders. One of them, from the county road commission, will talk about it at the Bedford Township trustee meeting on Tuesday night.

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