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List of Alabama's failing schools released


The Alabama State Department of Education is releasing the latest list of failing schools, as determined by the Alabama Accountability Act.

There are 70 schools classified as "failing" compared to 72 the previous year. Three schools in the Birmingham area have since closed and are no longer on the list. Four others were dropped from the list while five were added.

The four schools dropped from the list are:

Geneva County – Samson Middle School

Jefferson County – Brighton Middle School

Birmingham City – Robinson Elementary School

Tuscaloosa city – Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School

The five schools added to the list are:

Barbour County – Barbour County Intermediate School

Chambers County – Lafayette High School

Henry County- Abbeville High School

Mobile County- Jeremiah A Denton Middle School

Bessemer City – Bessemer High School

Schools are divided into two lists within the "failing" label.

The failing schools 'Section4(3)i' list includes the schools that were previously labeled as persistently low-performing by the State Department of Education on its federal school improvement lists in at least 3 of the last 6 years. There are 14 schools included in this section, the same as the previous year.

[DOCUMENT: Failing Schools - 2014 (.pdf)]

The second subsection is the failing schools 'Section 4(3)iii' list. A total of 70 schools are named on this list. According to the Alabama State Department of Education, this list was compiled by naming the schools that do not serve a special population of students that were listed three or more times during the last six years in the lowest six percent of public K-12 schools on the state standardized assessment in reading and math or, on or after June 1, 2017 has during the then-most recent three years, earned at least one grade of "F" or, during the then-most recent four years, earned at least three grades of "D" on the school grading system developed pursuant to Section 16-6C-2, Code of Alabama 1975.

[DOCUMENT: Lowest 6 percent of failing schools for 3 of last 6 years (.pdf)]

The State will notify parents of the school's failing status. At that point parents have the option of continuing their child's enrollment in the failing school, transferring to a comparable school in the same system, or if that's not possible, to another system that will accept the student.

The fourth option parents have through the Alabama Accountability Act allows them to obtain a $3,500 tax credit to enroll their child in a private school.

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