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Does it Work: EZ Moves

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We'veall been there – you're home alone and want to move around some furniture, butyou could really use some help!

Enter‘EZ Moves,' a do-it-yourself furniture moving system that we tried out in aDoes it Work? test.

EmilyHayman is in the middle of a big move. She's just getting settled into her newplace, still unpacking boxes and finding the perfect place for furniture, so wethought she would be the perfect person to test EZ Moves.

Theproduct claims to give you 10 times your natural strength.

"Itlooks like it could be useful, and these are pretty heavy, so I'm hoping it'llwork," Emily said.

OnceEZ Moves is unpacked and put together and the pads are in place, the furnitureshould slide easily. Emily tried it out on her sectional couch.

"Thesethings are really hard to move," she said. "As you can see, my floors areunfinished, so there's a ton of friction with the bottom of the couches and thefloors."

Butwith the EZ Moves pads in place, there was a lot less effort required on Emily'spart.

"Iput, like, no effort into it. It made it really easy," she said. "I would givethem a ‘B' because it's kind of hard to get them out from behind the couch, butthey are very easy to use, the instructions are simple, it took about twoseconds to put together."

Emilyheld onto the EZ Moves for future furniture moving, and the $19.99 productslides through the test with a passing grade.

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