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Police: Home intruder shot, killed in West Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A botched burglary early Saturday morning at a West Toledo home has left one man dead.

It's not the homeowner, rather the intruder.

Toledo police say it happened in the 4500 Block of Douglas Road.

The homeowner, Brian Loyer, woke to the sound of his side door being kicked in.

 He grabbed a gun and announced he was armed, but the suspect, 24-year-old Lucas Hassen, continued his attempt to get inside, according to police.

 Loyer fired, hitting Hassen, who fled and collapsed in the backyard of Joan Rutherford.

 "It's a good neighborhood. I've lived here for thirty years, so it hasn't been a bad neighborhood at all," said Rutherford.

She noticed the commotion and police in her backyard.

"I turned around, looked out a window and that's when I saw the body laying on the ground," said Rutherford.

Police say Hassen died from a gunshot wound.

Area residents tell WTOL 11, they feel that Loyer did nothing wrong by defending himself.

"They have a right to protect their house, property, home, their family" said John Riggins.

Loyer declined an interview request.

Police say the shooting remains under investigation.

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