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Don't Waste Your Money: Use hotel robes at your own risk

(WTOL) - Now that spring travel season has arrived, hotels in hot vacation spots from coast to coast are filling up fast. But before you check into your next room, we have a warning about something that could hit you with an unexpected charge.

When you stay at a hotel, there is nothing like the luxurious thrill of putting on one of those hotel robes, especially if the hotel has a pool or hot tub.

But be careful not to get them dirty, or it could become a very expensive hotel stay.

"I mean seriously, this just looks like wear and tear to me!" said Nancy Mullins.

Mullins cannot believe it. She is now facing a bill for more than $200 for supposedly ruining two bath robes and some towels.

It all happened during her daughter's birthday sleepover in a hotel room.

"We were having my daughter's 12th birthday party and she just had a couple of girls over, and she had some cake and pizza, and swam a lot," explained Mullins.

But the hotel staff now claims the icing on her daughter's birthday cake left indelible marks on the robes. Mullins is unsure how that could have happened.

"In the morning, I cleaned up and put everything in the whirlpool tub. I didn't see any stains like on this - any of it," recalled Mullins.

Whatever caused the stains, Mullins said she is willing to pay, but cannot believe the hotel wants $75 per robe, for what Mullins said are plain $25 robes.

"I'm not real happy, especially when they just cost 25. It's highway robbery!" said Mullins.

The hotel manager, however, said the policy is clear: You break it you buy it. The hotel even has an inventory list that shows what you will be charged in the event of damage.

Mullins said next time, she will be much more careful and will never use white hotel robes again.

The easiest way to avoid trouble is to leave the robes untouched, unless you are on a romantic getaway, at which point you need to be careful with the red wine.

That way you don't waste your money.

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