Severe weather in the area early Thursday caused power outages and downed poles and trees.

Homeowners Scott and Michelle Roehl in Bowling Green woke up to a big tree on their house around 7 a.m.

They were both inside when it happened, but thankfully neither of them were hurt.

Scott says he went downstairs into the kitchen to watch the storm move through, and that's when it happened.

"The wind picked up more than it had been and the tree started creaking, and I knew something was going to happen," said Scott. "So I just ducked and ran to the other side of the house and heard the tree come through.

He said there was dust and debris all through the house, and he was yelling up the stairs to make sure his wife was OK.

The fire department then came to the scene to assess the damage and what could be done.

"So yeah, we have a huge maple tree in the second floor of our house right now," Scott said.

Tree into BG house

First Alert Meteorologist Ryan Wichman says so many downed trees are due to high moisture in the soil. The tree roots aren't able to grip as well, causing even healthy trees to fall in 50-60 mph winds.

Here are some other severe weather pictures from Napoleon and Oregon:

Tree down on swing set in Oregon different angle
Matthew Wohlgamuth
Tree down on swing set in Oregon
Matthew Wohlgamuth
Trampoline on swing set
Mary Spurgeon-Shope

Toledo Edison is still reporting power outages as of 11:35 a.m.

Stay updated on power outages here.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office says there is a tree and multiple poles down on Obee Road off of Davis.

There is also a report of a big tree and pole down in a yard on the 700 block of Dunn Drive.

In Wood County, the sheriff's office says there are wires across the road on:

  • Cramer Road
  • Main Street and Weston
  • Stony Ridge at Sugar Ridge

There is also a pole across the roadway on Wallace Avenue by Garden Court and Vine Street.

Trees are also causing problems in Wood County, with a tree falling on a house on West Wooster and a tree falling on a transformer, closing Wingston Road.

More reports of extreme weather in Wood County include several reports of vehicles being lifted off the ground while driving on RT 25 at Cross Creek and RT 25 at Jerry City Rd. and large hail in Weston causing minimal damage

In Defiance County, winds picked up a set of bleachers, took out a fence and dropped them on the football field at Ayersville High School.

There are also reports of trees down on SR 249, a tree on a house on Hopkins Street, wires down on Harding Road and a large tree falling on a construction truck in Ayersville.

Let us know if you're seeing any storm damage in your area!