TOLEDO (WTOL) - City of Toledo Streets, Bridges and Harbor crews say they are doing their best to prepare for the expected snow.

They’ve been watching multiple forecasts and repairing and switching over their trucks for snow.

“Our challenges are keeping trucks in service since we use our trucks for just about everything,” said Jeremy Mikolajczyk, commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbor. “We have all the mechanics on staff right now working on everything that they can trying to get those back into service.”

Crews started 24-hour shifts on Thursday and that will continue for about a week to handle the snow. Leaders say they also are calling in others to help.

“It’s going to be a longer haul for the storm coming up and we do plan on at least getting some sister division help, which is our other divisions within the city that have small plows,” explained Mikolajczyk. “We’re also looking ahead to probably calling in some private plows to help us with those residential (roads).”

Local drivers are preparing for the roads in many different ways.

“I pray for patience, that I don’t crash my car and that nobody crashes their car into me,” said Hannah Cannon.

“Be very cautious, pay attention to everyone else that is on the road. Just keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel,” said Nathan Banky, the commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbor.

He said you will see at least 40 plows on more than 33 street routes and all bridges. Toledo city crews have already pretreated most of the area.

Leaders say they plan to plow and then use a salt/brine mix, but have to be strategic.

“Our salt supply right now is very close to what we had used the previous season,” said Jeremy Mikolajczyk. “So we’re kind of being a little conscientious as to where we’re using salt and how much we are using.”

City crews categorize roads in three phases and will focus on phase one routes which are the main roads and branch out from there.

Leaders say they do have extra crews focusing on Downtown Toledo and a special plan because of the ECHL All-Star Weekend.

WTOL asked the commissioner about leaf pick-up within the city. He said they are not ignoring leaves, but their focus for right now is on snow. He wants residents to know they do plan to collect leaves again and they know where they left off before the snow came.