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Strap down those trampolines and lawn chairs: Damaging winds, heavy rain coming in early Thursday morning for First Alert Day

Here are three things to know before a line of strong thunderstorms comes through after midnight.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The First Alert weather team has issued a First Alert Day for Thursday morning. Before sunrise on Thursday, a line of strong thunderstorms will be quickly moving toward southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio.  

Damaging winds, heavy rain and lightning will be the biggest threats from the thunderstorms.

Below are three things you should know about tomorrow’s First Alert Day. 

  1. Timing will be early Thursday morning from 2 a.m.-7 a.m. Southeast Michigan will see the thunderstorms first as the storms will quickly move in a southeasterly direction. Since many will be sleeping, have the volume up on your phone so the First Alert Weather app can notify you with an audio alert during the night. 
  2. Expected impacts are gusty and damaging winds to be possible. Secure loose objects like lawn/patio chairs, put down patio umbrellas, secure potted flowers and weigh down outdoor toys and trampolines. Tree damage is also possible. 
  3. Strong thunderstorms will bring bright flashes of lightning and loud rumbles of thunder. Heavy downpours will be possible, but damaging winds are a bigger threat than flooding.

The First Alert weather app will be a helpful tool during tonight’s thunderstorms. Make sure to have your location set up to get alerts for your area.  If you do not have the First Alert weather app yet, you can download it here.