TOLEDO (WTOL) - We had a rather slow start to winter so far, but things are about to change.

Our First Alert Weather Team's early warning of the next winter storm has many of you taking steps to be as prepared as possible.

Drivers are already bracing for the winter conditions and checking in with local mechanics.

“There’s been quite a bit of calls recently to set up appointments before it happens,” said Robert Whitt, store manager at AAA.

AAA has been busy getting cars winter ready. They said the biggest things to check are your tires, wipers, and batteries in the cold and snow. They offer free inspections that not only check those big items, but also the smaller details like your lights, fluid levels and more.

“The number one thing I usually tell people is don’t find out afterwards, just come in,” said Robert Whitt. “It’s a free inspection they will tell you whether or not you have any concerns.”

Some drivers are taking that advice ahead of the snow.

“I try to be prepared at all times,” said Rod Cundiff, a Whitehouse resident warning up with a cup of coffee at the Flying Joe Tuesday. “But my tires are in good shape. I just had my battery tested today and you know what I drive around with a kit, so if you get stuck I’ve got a chain I can pull you out.”

Abby and her dogs are excited for this snow we’re expecting. While she wasn’t getting her car ready, she already knows she needs to give herself time when driving in the winter weather.

“There’s nothing that I really do to prepare,” said Abby Whitmer, a Perrysburg resident. “I just focus a lot more. I drive a lot slower and safer.”

Experts say you should have an emergency kit in your car. It’s best to have warm clothes, food, and water in case you get stuck along with items to give your car traction like kitty liter, fluids, a first aid kit, tools and more.

Most of all, experts want you to be ready so you can stay safe on the roads.