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Jason Frazer's weather school: Storms and fronts

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean that the learning must stop.
Credit: Jason Frazer, 3News

CLEVELAND — Welcome to the weather classroom! We're ready to help you learn!

3News meteorologist Jason Frazer loves science and doing school visits. Recently, he kicked off an online series helping kids better understand meteorology. He’s going to be doing weather lessons about a variety of topics including wind, temperature, tornadoes and hurricanes. These lessons are geared to children who are 9 years old and older. He welcomes your questions, too. You can e-mail him directly at JFrazer@WKYC.com or you can contact him on Facebook or Instagram at @JasonFrazerTV.

NOTE: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this story for links to more of Jason's weather lessons.

In today’s lesson, Jason talks about air masses, fronts and storms. Ever wonder what these mean? Watch below:

Air masses are pockets of air that have the same temperature and amount of moisture. For the most part, they don’t interact with one other. It is all thanks to something called a front.

Fronts are boundaries that exist between various air masses. The four most popular fronts include cold, warm, stationary and occluded fronts.

During the lesson, Jason teaches how storms form as a result of the fronts.

A handout for today’s lesson can be found here:

Do you have a question or topic you’d like to see Jason discuss? Send him an email to JFrazer@WKYC.com or send him a message on Facebook.com/JasonFrazerTV.

Tomorrow’s topic is tornadoes. Why do they form and what you can do to protect yourself.



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