ROSSFORD, Ohio — Starting Tuesday, downtown Toledo will go through major changes related to the I-75 project.  

From South Avenue to Buck Road, drivers will see impacts to ramps at every exit.

"We've already closed the South Avenue entrance to Southbound 75, and that's the real long closure. It's 540 days, and that's just to begin demolition and construction of the new bridge," said Mike Benton, ODOT project engineer.  

Here are the changes: 

  • Starting Wednesday, the ramp from Buck Road to northbound I-75 will be closed for 210 days. To detour, take I-75 to State Route 795 and flip around to get back on I-75 and the southbound exit.
  • On Friday, I-75 traffic from Wales Road to Buck Road will be moved so all traffic in both directions will be on the southbound side. That drops I-75 down to two lanes in either direction from Buck Road all the way up to Dorr Street. Transit will remain like this for 210 days as well. 

"There will be concrete barrier in the middle, so we're not having I-75 face-on-face, but they've been out there kind of building up those shoulders out there to be able to maintain this traffic, so there's been a lot of new pavement poured and lines changing,"  said ODOT spokesperson Rebecca Dangelo.

  • The ramp from westbound Miami Street to northbound I-75 will both be closed for 60 days. To detour around that one, take southbound I-75 to Wales Road back to I-75.
  • Northbound I-75 to Wales Road also will close for 60 days. To detour around that ramp closure, you can take I-75 to Miami Street across the bridge, and flip around on I-75 in the opposite direction. 

In two months, when the westbound Miami Street ramp reopens, the ramp will be longer with temporary pavement extending out the loop ramp to get you to northbound I-75.