ERIE, Mich. — Paving work is starting to jam things up a bit on I-75 in both Ohio and Michigan.

In Michigan, work has started reconstructing the northbound lanes of I-75 from the Ohio state line to Erie Road. 

Currently, the contractor is installing temporary crossovers in the median near the state line to move all traffic to the southbound side as of July 4. 

On the Michigan side, crews are making progress.Most grading work on the outside lanes is now complete, but for the remainder of the season, I-75 will be down to 2 lanes in either direction.

"There will be some closures, we're replacing the bridge that is Erie Road as part of the project next year. There will be detours for the ramps set up in various stages as work progresses through them," Robert R Welch, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer for Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. in charge of the Michigan construction said. "They're generally restricted to 30- or 60 day-windows where they can have a ramp closure to complete the work for that particular area and those will kind of progress from northbound traffic this year and southbound traffic next year."

As for Ohio, however, work is not moving as quickly as planned.

That has caused some of those overnight ramp closures that are supposed to wrap up by 6 a.m. to last into the morning rush hour.

"Their maintenance of traffic is going to extend down into Ohio, so we wanted to make sure our roadways were going to be able to handle that traffic for the next couple years as they've got this construction project, so we've had crews out there that have been paving and doing different repairs," Ohio Department of Transportation spokesperson, Rebecca Dangelo, said. 

But regardless of traffic jams, this project isn't set to wrap up anytime soon. 

While this summer grading work is happening on the northbound side and in the median, next year the same process will happen in the southbound lanes.