OREGON, (WTOL) - A busy intersection that sees, on average, 50 accidents a year in Oregon will soon see some much needed safety improvements.

The city of Oregon has received a $1.7 million safety grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

The project is aimed to improve the overall safety of the intersection of Navarre Avenue and Coy Road.

Coy will be widened to accommodate dedicated right turn lanes for both the south and north side.

Also, a concrete median will be installed on Navarre, similar to those already installed further west.

“It would be very similar, it would have a decorative element to it. It would have the U-turns as well. it would look very similar to what we did between I-280 and Isaac Streets Drive, but it will only be at the intersections,” said Paul Roman, director of Public Service with the City of Oregon.

The total project will cost the city $2.2 million. The biggest portion of the Coy Road widening will actually be rebuilding this bridge over Malosch Creek.

“In terms of cost, when we widen Coy to the north for the southbound lanes, that bridge will have to be replaces with it in this project. So, yeah, it will take up a lot of time and money for that as well,” said Roman.

Currently the plan is to spend the rest of 2019 for planning and design, then next year for land acquisitions. So construction, at this point, won’t begin until 2021.