BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — With the summer season unofficially wrapping up, it's a good time to look at how those expressway road projects are coming along.

ODOT gave us an update to see how close we are to the unofficial end to orange barrel season as well.

On I-75 south of Toledo, all that needs to be done now is completing the interchange at Wooster Street and finishing touches like painting the bridge BGSU orange and it saying "BOWLING GREEN". 

That work is set to be done this year.

For the next four years 75 through Toledo will be under construction. That means while the construction zone orange there isn't permanent, it's not going away over the winter.

North of Toledo on 75 is a different story, the work that was held over from last year is now complete.

"The nice thing about all of this construction that northwest Ohio has been under the last few years is, we have a lot of new road," Spokesperson and Public Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation, Rebecca Dangelo said.

Victoria Idoni

State Route 582 is still closed from I-75 to route 199, as is the exit ramp from 475 southbound to 24.

Both of these jobs are set to wrap up this year, but were delayed because of the weather, and could be pushed in 2020 if winter comes early.

"There's a very real likelihood that could roll into next year," Dangelo said.

Work on the Anthony Wayne Trail between the Old South End and downtown will be ongoing into next year.

Not to be confused with the Anthony Wayne High Level bridge.

The lighting on the bridge will be complete in September, but lane restrictions on the bridge to and from east Toledo and downtown will last into next year for a dehumidification project to keep the bridge from quickly getting rusty from the Maumee River below.

"A lot of the crews and a lot of the contractors are putting a lot of effort into still getting things done this year, and that's obviously our goal, we're trying to work through that, but there's a good possibility that some of our projects that were supposed to be one season are going to roll into next year just because we got so much rain at the beginning of this year," Dangelo said.

The Waterville Bridge project is also still underway but fortunately, the old bridge is still in good enough shape for travel until the new one opens up.