TOLEDO, Ohio — Good news, folks GasBuddy say the highest gas prices of the season have already hit.

There's nowhere to go from here but down, or at least stay the same.

GasBuddy said drivers can expect similar prices to what we saw last year.

Changing over to the summer blend happens from March to May and usually gas prices peak for the year at their highest in May.

Even with the upcoming demands of holiday travel, the price of regular gas is expected to stay under $3 in 2019.

"By and large, the factors that led prices up are now over. Refinery maintenance is slowly wrapping up. Most refineries are back online, and the switch over to summer gasoline is generally complete, so those 2 factors are complete. In addition, the price of oil has dropped off slightly as well," explained Patrick DeHaan, Gas Price Analyst at GasBuddy.

There are other ways you can save at the pumps; for an example, certain grocery stores have perks.

Right now Kroger is offering customers double fuel points on everything in the store through Sunday, there are additional perks for other purchases as well.

Kroger offers customers a variety of ways to save at the pump. In addition to the everyday fuel program, which allows customers to earn one points for every dollar they spend, we now have some exciting promotions which will allow customers to save even more.

Right now, customers can earn double fuel points on everything in the store Thursday through Sunday. They just need to download a digital coupon or present a paper coupon. (offer valid through 5/26).

They are also offering customers 3x fuel points on hundreds of low-priced seasonal favorites, e.g., Heinz Ketchup, Oscar Mayer wieners and Kroger bottled natural spring water. This promotion is valid all summer long.

Right now, through May 12, customers can also earn 4x fuel points on participating gift cards.

Note, some items do not qualify for points, including items purchased at the fuel center, lottery, postage, tobacco. You can find more information about Kroger's fuel program, here.

Through Meijer, if you get their credit card, which you can apply for without a hard pull (or mark on your credit) if you apply for the Comenity Bank store card, not the Mastercard,  that card gives you 10 cents off per gallon.

At about $2.50 a gallon right now, that means roughly every other fill up, it will equate to getting a gallon for free.

And how about those club stores?

Research shows gas there runs an average of 21 cents less per gallon.

The math works out to save you over $130 per year, making that $55 or so membership WELL worth it. More information on that can be found here

"If it was me I would generally fill up early in the week. For those hitting the road this summer on a road trip, I would also shop arround for gas prices, especially if you're heading out of the state. Ohio has some of the lower gasoline taxes in the region, and for that reason, Ohio's gas prices are generally a little bit lower," DeHaan said.

Of course, any unforeseen acts of God or something like another massive oil spill could change this, but without a crystal ball to see into the future, the outlook for now is good.