Train derails in Village of Tontogany
(Source: Michelle Moser)

TONTOGANY, OH (WTOL) - A train derailment on Main St. in the Village of Tontogany in Wood County brought traffic to a halt on Sunday afternoon.

CSX Police say the three mile long, 232 car train came to a stop in Tontogany where six cars derailed, blocking six intersections.

One of the cars came to rest on the side of Doc's Restaurant.

An eyewitness said it was the derailment was impossible to ignore.

"It was just a very loud screeching, terrifying noise that shook the ground," said Jeannie Alexander, from Tontogany.

A load of plastic beads was spilled from a derailed car.

CSX Police say the train, which was on its way to the CSX yard in Walbridge, was hauling hazardous materials but there were no leaks or safety issues.

At this time, it is unknown what caused the train to derail.

CSX is working to clean up the mess but is unsure how long it will take.

No one was injured.

In 2014 two buildings were damaged after eighteen cars derailed in downtown Tontogany.