Rocky Ridge group trying to oust mayor

ROCKY RIDGE, OH (Toledo News Now) – A group of Ottawa County citizens is making history by trying to oust the mayor in the small town of Rocky Ridge.

Officials say this is the first time an attempt to remove a mayor from office has ever happened.  The process is moving forward, and both sides will face off tonight, at a city council meeting.

Mayor Sam Rose has been in office since January, when some citizens began to feel the mayor was abusing his power and authority.

Karen Brown, the leader of the fight, is a volunteer firefighter. She has worked with several other citizens to collect signatures to remove the mayor from office:

"As a voter- I'm not going to stand by and watch him continue to do harm to our town and do the horrible things that's been going on towards the fire department and the fire association."

The petitions say the mayor failed to appoint a police chief and street commissioner in a timely manner.

According to Mayor Rose, part of the fight centers around permits for bingo. He says the fight started because he challenged the volunteer firefights association about bingo:

"The real issue here is they need to get proper permits to get bingo and sell liquor. They haven't had the permits. We just want to see it- we want them to do it legally, and their response is to recall the mayor."

Brown says the firefighters association has permits, and showed them to WTOL, but she says a computer glitch caused them to go without proper permits recently, and they had to cancel last month's bingo.

The association hired an attorney, and filed a motion with Ottawa County common pleas court to remove Mayor Rose from office. A judge will ultimately decide the mayor's fate. A court date is expected to be set within the next few days.