SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Something fishy is going on in downtown Sylvania.

Wildwood Anglers is now open for business.

The shop specializes in selling fly fishing equipment and offers fly fishing guide services.

The store is hoping to attract outdoor lovers from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to the area.

The owners think Sylvania is the perfect, centralized location for fly fishing.

They say that steelhead is abundant in the area but also say walleye can be caught using a fly rod.

"I would argue that we're kind of in the steelhead capitol of the world. We go out and catch walleye on the fly rod, catch them at night on Catawba, in October and November and here on the Maumee River," said Bradley Dunkle with the store.

Bradley says interest in fly fishing continues to grow.

The store is located at 5625 Main St.