TOLEDO (WTOL) -The biggest trend this year at the PRO Home and Garden Show is that folks want to spend more money on their outdoor living area than their basement.

They want a patio with soothing waterfalls, a warm fire and beautiful landscaping.

Luck Landscaping is even selling a shuffle bar for the patio.

That’s right. A shuffle BAR.

The board is surrounded by two bars seating eight people. It costs $4,000.

“Something to do outside on your patio instead of just looking at the fire and enjoying the water. Some entertainment factors” says Josh Luck.

Folks are also turning toward alternative energy sources such as solar.

Stoneacre Energy Solutions will analyze your electric bill and recommend how much money you can save by installing panels.

They say the system should pay for itself in seven to ten years.

“Get yourself energy independent for one. Help save the environment. Be conscious of what you’re using to power homes,” according to Tony Spackey of Stoneacre.

The show every year kick-starts the remodeling season. Folks come to get new ideas by talking to the 100 vendors on the showroom floor.

They all have the seal of approval of the Better Business Bureau. But it’s recommended you always do your homework before making any major purchase.

“Go to . Look up the business and look at their review, look at their letter grade. Check to see if they have any complaints and how they handle those complaints,” advised Denise Sprague of the BBB.

The show runs through Sunday. Tickets are $6 for adults. Kids under 12 and active military members get in for free.

Advance tickets are just $1 off at all Packos restaurants.