BGSU sorority members coupon for a cause

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) – Members of various Bowling Green State University chapters "extreme couponed" for a The Nightingale's Harvest, a food bank that provides products and services for families dealing with cancer.

The pantry runs completely on extreme couponing to help relieve physical, emotional and financial burdens.

"Well we met Lisa at a community service for a, that was BGSU sponsored and just talking to her she told us that she runs this food pantry for families with cancer patients all on extreme couponing - what a great way to get all the sororities involved in a fun philanthropy service project to help the community." Kappa Delta member Melissa McCormick explained.

"We're trying to find a way to promote good nutrition, we're trying to find a way to make sure that great infection control is going on in the home so we're doing a lot of environmental and individual cleanliness within the family on education and then we supply them with all the tools." said Nightingale's Founder Lisa Kronbach-Eisenbach.

For two months, sorority members clipped and gathered coupons. Now, they're putting their extreme couponing to the test by donating all the items they will be shopping for to the pantry.

"To be at the local level and be able to help a local thing, get more involved and get to meet some of the families that go to the nightingales harvest and receive the help from them, kinda puts a personal touch on it. And really allows you to see that you really are helping people" said Chi Omega member Megan Watson.

For some chapter members, such as Panhellenic Vice President of Service Casey Greene, the cause has a deeper and more personal meaning:

"This definitely has a personal meaning to me. I lost my older sister from cancer, so I was involved as a family member. And I just know that a lot of the times the family members are forgotten so it's really nice that this pantry not only focuses on the patient but the whole entire family."

If you would like to donate or volunteer your time to Nightingale's Harvest, please visit their website here.