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Portage River sitting in minor flood stage after heavy rains

The Wood County EMA announced a flood warning to last until midnight.

WOOD COUNTY, Ohio — While it was sunny outside today, we're still seeing the impact of all that rainfall.

The Portage River was squarely within minor flood stage all day Tuesday, following the day and a half of rain from Sunday through Monday.

After surveying the area, The Wood County EMA issued a flood warning until midnight Tuesday.

"What a lot of times people forget it you've got to give time to get the water off of the fields, to the ditches, to the creeks, to the rivers. So, you can have a day or two delay before you can see anything," said Jeff Klein, Wood County Emergency Management Director.

But there is more rain to come, and Wood County is expecting the already saturated farm fields to run off all of the forecasted rain on Friday and heading into Saturday.

Though most trick or treaters on Sunday should stay dry from the rain, Klein says parents should take caution if their kids will be walking in areas that are near bodies of water. 

"We want to make sure they've got things like flashlights; people paying attention. You never know when somebody is going to fall in a hole," said Klein. "If there's water just going over it, the hole could be deeper than we think, or even a small amount of moving water can actually knock somebody down and that's what we really want people to be careful of."

Jeff says that this isolated flooding that we are seeing midweek and the rainfall into the weekend shouldn't be impacting us too much. 

It will probably shut down a few back county roads and it's pretty much going to look like this all through the Halloween weekend, only adding to what has already been one of the wettest Octobers we've ever experienced.