ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Sports news outlets across the country picked up on Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh’s (non) answer to a question from WTOL Sport Director Jordan Strack during Saturday’s post-game news conference.

The Wolverines had just lost what is arguably their most important game of the year to rival Ohio State 56-27.

The exchange:

Strack – “Is it a talent gap, is it a preparation gap, a coaching gap? What is the biggest difference between you and Ohio State at this point?

Harbaugh – “I’ll answer your questions, but not your insults.”

Strack – “ That wasn’t an insult, you’ve given up 118 points in two years.

Harbaugh – “ They played really good, really good.”

Strack - “That’s why I’m asking, what’s the biggest difference in the gap between you guys.”

Harbaugh – “ They played better today.”

Most of responses from national sports reporters say Strack asked a legitimate question.

Strack says he believes Harbaugh deflected from the question in order to protect himself, his players and the program.

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