TOLEDO (WTOL) - It’s not July, rather the last week in December.

But what a sight to see.

Golfers teeing it up at the South Toledo Golf Course.

Fifty players came out on Friday since the sun came up.

Doesn’t get any better than this right?

“Because I enjoy the game. The weather is nice. Probably could be at work. It will be cold tomorrow. I’ll work tomorrow,” said a laughing Jay East.

There are challenges you won’t find in the warm weather months.

There’s not much carry to the ball because of soggy conditions.

Everything seems to stick.

But other than that.

“Oh the greens are good. It’s a little bit soft but the greens are rolling nice,” said John McCormick.

It’s not unusual to find golfers out here in December.

General rule of thumb: If it’s forty degrees, no snow and hasn’t been raining, play golf.

And the guys hope it happens every year.

“It’s golf. December. Don’t get a chance to do this often,” said Brent Gerrard.