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South Toledo Golf Club finding new ways to get around the course

Normally when you head to the golf course, you just expect to be out on the course for roughly four hours to play a round, but that is about to change.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Of course, the fastest way around a golf course for years has been on a golf cart. At South Toledo Golf Club, they are changing the game.

So, you’ve just tapped in for par, and you hop on your motorcycle? Yep. That’s right. The newest golf trend is these one-rider cycles.

“It’s a totally different experience,” said Nick Szymanski from South Toledo Golf Club. “The fun part about it is we’re seeing guys come off the course that have this giant grin on their face at the end of a round. You’re like 'how did it go?’ They’re like ‘this is the greatest thing ever, we can’t wait to come back.’”

With everyone needing to practice social distancing, these also serve a new purpose.

“I think it’s very cool, I’ve had a lot of people talking about how unique it is and with all the social distancing and having to stay single-rider, which we do have some people that ask that question still, this is an easy way. You can’t put two people on these, you can only put one,” said Szymanski.

The other awesome advantage of these is that they cut down the amount of time you’re spending on the course.

Credit: WTOL

“This is a totally different norm,” said Szymanski. “The fun part is this is just young guys. Everybody is asking me if this is a young guy thing. We have 40-50-60-70-year-olds renting these things. What they love is about the speed. They go straight to their ball. It’s easier to help everybody find their balls. I had a guy on the course this morning play in an hour and 21 minutes for 18 holes of golf.”

Right now, they only have 8 of the one-rider cycles available to rent out and they do cost a few more dollars each time you take one, so plan ahead if you’re heading out.

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