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Scoring is a Santoro family tradition at Bellevue

All four siblings have reached the milestone of 1,000 points in their career and their dad had a front row view for it all.

BELLEVUE, Ohio — Scoring 1,000 career points is an accomplishment so many basketball players work towards. The Santoro family can now say all four siblings have done it.

In 2013, big brother Jalen was the first to reach that milestone.

"I was actually the varsity boy's assistant coach at the time so I'm kind of still in game mode as it's going on," said dad, Kory Santoro, "But i was thrilled for him, happy for him, because I know that there's a lot of hard work that goes into it.

Then less than a month after that, Carly reached the milestone too. Fast forward to a year ago and it was Casey adding her name to that list. Finally last week the baby of the family, Cory, became the fourth Santoro to score 1,000 points for Bellevue.

"It was a good moment. It was like relief," said Cory. "I knew going into my junior year that I was really close to getting it. I wasn't worried about it, but it was just, get that out of the way."

"I was excited," said Cory's sister, Casey. "All of us have gotten it so I think it's something special that all the siblings can share." 

The Santoro’s are a competitive family. For Cory, watching her older siblings accomplish it, she knew she couldn’t end the streak. Completing the goal of reaching 1,000 points seems mandatory now if you're a Santoro. 

"When Jalen, Carly and Casey all scored it I was like, wow, that's pretty cool," said Cory. That's something I want to do because not a lot of people get that. Knowing all my siblings got it, I can't be the one that can't get it."

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"Being the youngest one I think it was tough for her," said dad, Kory. "Having to live up to all those expectations of all her older brothers and sisters. I think she'd be the first to tell you she's glad it's over."

On the court dad is their coach and tough love moments happen often, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

"The cool side is that I'm the point guard and I think that always the point guard and the coach have a different relationship," said Casey. "Him just being my dad, it's an even (more special) relationship."

"He's not there just for us, he's there because he loves the game of basketball," said Cory. "He wants every girl to do good. So, it's pretty cool knowing he's my dad, but also my coach."

Bellevue’s trophy case is filled with hardware and cut down nets. A majority of which the Santoro’s have put their mark on, but they all put the team first.

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