MINNEAPOLIS — A video capturing a hungry eagle and his huge catch on the St. Croix River is lighting up social media. 

Dan Goff of St. Paul posted the clip on Twitter just after 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, and by Thursday morning more than a half-million people had watched it.

"Thought we saw an injured bald eagle on the St. Croix River tonight. He wasn't injured #wow," Goff wrote.

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The nearly two-minute video, shot from a boat, shows the eagle struggling on the surface of the river and you soon learn why. He or she is dragging a huge fish (which appears to be a muskie) to the shore for dinner. The eagle begins flapping its wings like a swimmer doing the butterfly, and eventually reaches the rock-pebbled shore. 

Goff posted a second clip shot about an hour later, and the bird of prey was still working on dinner. 

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