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Walleye run ramping up along the Maumee River; social distancing to be enforced

The conditions are ideal for walleye fishing along the river, but anglers must be sure to be six feet apart.

MAUMEE, Ohio — With the governor’s new orders on Thursday, fishing will remain open. For places like Sidecut Metropark in Maumee, if you’re on the banks, they’re telling you, you have to practice social distancing and that will be enforced. This is all very good news for everyone coming out for the Walleye Run.

On Wednesday, we introduced you to a local charter captain named Zack George. He’s been fishing in the Maumee River since he was a kid. He says with weather like we had Thursday and conditions improving, we’re about to hit the peak of the Walleye Run.

“As these waters recede, we’re going to see fantastic fishing this week,” said George. “Really, it has been fantastic the last two to three weeks. It’s going to peak here in the next 10 days for sure.”

The style of fishing is also a major draw right now as well.

“Not a tough style of fishing,” said George. “It’s very fun. People want to come here for this because it’s action, you’re constantly doing something. Rods are in your hand, you’re catching the fish, not the boat catching the fish.”

There are plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy some fresh air during these uncertain times. Fishing provides plenty of opportunities to take advantage of natural resources we are so fortunate to have in Northwest Ohio.

“It’s great table fare,” said George. “If you are in it for food, it’s an awesome opportunity to fill your freezer with some fantastic food. It’s just nice to get outdoors and breathe some fresh air.”

There are some not so subtle reminders everywhere you turn along River Road, reminding everybody to stay six feet apart, so that fishing will be one of the things we can continue to do. 

This is a great week to get out for the Walleye Run, and as Captain Zack said, fishing is really good right now in the Maumee River. As long as you’re practicing the social distancing, you will be able to get out for what should be a really exciting weekend.

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