OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio — Some teams have a handful of seniors. Others have just one. But it doesn’t make the celebrations less exciting.

In a quiet Ottawa Hills neighborhood lives Kaija Wallin, a senior on the Ottawa Hills softball team. She thought her afternoon was going to be relaxing and peaceful. 

That was until her teammates showed up.

“I just heard honking and I was like 'what is that?' I came outside and it was all of them. It was really great to see my team there for me," said Kaija.

Kaija had no clue today would become her “Senior Night”. One by one her teammates made their way up the hill to drop off flowers and presents.

“It just means a lot with everything they do for me and that they’ve supported me. Even though it's our first year with a new head coach we have still bonded with just a half season if that. It's just that bond that you have with your teammates. It just means a lot,” said Kaija.

Kaija is the only senior on the Green Bears team. She couldn’t hold her emotion when her coach, Heather, made her way up the hill.

“When my coach came with flowers I stared tearing up. Softball is something that I look forward to every spring it just really special to me," said Kaija.

Softball. Just as special to her as she is to her team.

Next up for Kaija, she will head to the University of Denver to study biology.

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