SYLVANIA, Ohio — The Northview Wrestling room is a small space . One mat in the corner of the auxiliary gym. A small space for 30 plus wrestlers. When you compare it to other programs, there’s definitely room for improvement.

"Obviously we have one mat so it's not a ton of space," said Junior Connor Liber. "Perrysburg has Hive, that's a great place to go. Delta has their own room, Genoa has their own room. You can add heat to it which helps conditioning."

"When you have a wrestling room like Clay, Anthony Wayne, Eastwood, those rooms are extravagant. That gives you a competitive advantage for sure." said Head Coach Keith Hartbarger.

The Wildcats never used the lack of a true wrestling room as an excuse.

"If you gave me a one by one mat, we're going to make it work." said Coach Hartbarger.

"It is what it is," said Liber. "I mean Rocky trained in a barn."

Northview is close to reaching their fundraising goal to build a wrestling room in the next year or so, but while they wait they continue to excel. Connor Liber is ranked 5th in the state, the first Northview wrestler to make it states in 18 years.

"My coaches do a great job of helping me not think about it. When I wrestling thinking about doing this or that I tend to tense up and not wrestle as well." said Liber.

Sophomore Cole McKinley is up and coming as well. As they build the foundation for the future, they are hoping a new wrestling room and state championships come along with that.