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Michigan and Ohio State ready to kickoff College Football Playoff

Talking season is over and the Wolverines and Buckeyes are ready to hit the field for a chance to advance to the National Championship.

Fiesta Bowl: #3 TCU vs. #2 Michigan – 4 pm ET - ESPN

It’s been almost four full weeks since Michigan last played a football game. After celebrating a second straight Big Ten championship, the Wolverines finally return to the field Saturday in the Fiesta Bowl.

“Everything has been said that can possibly be said,” said Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. “Every question has been asked, every question answered and now it's time to go play the game and let it rip and our guys are excited to do it. Not everybody gets this opportunity. Hardly anybody gets this kind of opportunity and it's the best of the best playing the best. They're great and we're ready to line up. It's time to line up and have at it.”

Michigan and TCU are more than ready to finally hit the field in the College Football Playoff. They’ve spent a month answering questions and now the only thing left to do is kick the ball off in Glendale.

“For us, it's go out and play as hard as you can, as fast as you can, as
long as you can and don't worry,” said Harbaugh. “Those butterflies are there. They are there every game I ever played. I think most every football player has them, until you get that first hit, whether it's a block or a tackle. That's what seemed to make them go away for me. See contact early and then play as hard as you can, as fast as you can, as long as you can, and don’t worry.”

Peach Bowl: #4 Ohio State vs. #1 Georgia – 8 pm ET – ESPN

After the loss to Michigan in the regular season finale, the Buckeyes playoff fate was uncertain, but the committee granted them a second chance and they’re hoping to take full advantage against the defending national champions.

Ohio State came in to the season believing they would be in position to compete for a national title, and now they will get their wish on Saturday.

“When you look at the beginning of the year, you say to yourself where are we going to see ourselves in December, and this is the exact situation we saw ourselves in,” said Ohio State head coach Ryan Day. “We knew that Georgia would be right here, and they do an unbelievable job of recruiting and coaching and playing. So here we are.”

At Ohio State, the expectation is to play for and win national titles. Now, they’ll get their shot.

“The expectations at Ohio State and Georgia are the highest level, and we embrace that,” said Day. “Our players embrace that. That's why you come to Ohio State is to be in situations like this and play in games like this and go compete for a National Championship. We talk about that in recruiting. We identify those who look to achieve that and want to be elite. You build that culture of passing down a legacy to the younger guys so that that continues, and that's been going on here for a long time at Ohio State.”


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