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CU mascot Chip the Buffalo takes shot from T-shirt cannon below the belt

There might not be crying in baseball, but there's a solid chance the University of Colorado mascot shed tears at the football game against New Hampshire on Saturday.
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There might not be crying in baseball, but there's a solid chance tears were shed at the college football game between the University of Colorado Boulder and New Hampshire on Saturday.

CU owned New Hampshire, winning 45-14 at Folsom Field - but it was CU's mascot, Chip the Buffalo, who lost that day thanks to a little misfire with the T-shirt cannon.

As first pointed out by Barstool Sports, videos show Chip readying the cannon, taking aim and firing - backward. Somehow the shirt went straight into his groin, and Chip is seen buckling down to the ground because... son of a gun, that had to hurt. The people near him - including someone who was filming it - take a second before going to help because they're essentially trying to figure out what just happened.

Per Business Insider, which calls the T-shirt cannon the most fun and absurd human invention, guns like this are capable of launching shirts more than 200 feet away - so let's have some collective sympathy here.

Medics eventually tended to Chip and carted the wounded buffalo off the field.

Thankfully, Chip tweeted after his recovery that he is doing well and thanked his fans for the love.

In case you're wondering, the T-shirt cannon has special ties to Colorado. The New York Times credits Kenn Solomon, a Denver Nuggets mascot, with helping design the original commercial T-shirt shooters. Solomon said he tested the invention at an empty Coors Field in the 90s, before eventually trying it out on fans. It wasn't long before the Broncos came calling, he told the Times.