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Morrison ready to lead for Anthony Wayne football

Marco Morrison was plunged into the starting quarterback role after an injury, but looking at his family history, it's not surprising he was ready for the job.

WHITEHOUSE, Ohio — We are moving into week four of the high school football season and maybe no one is off to a more impressive start than Anthony Wayne.

They're 3-0 and they have beaten Findlay, St. John's and Whitmer, but last week had to turn to backup quarterback Marco Morrison.

If his family history says anything, Morrison is more than capable.

With Grant Kinnee sidelined because of an injury, Morrison is now the guy running the show for the Generals. In his first start against Whitmer, he was steady while playing both sides of the football. 

"Friday was awesome. It was a complete blast," said Marco Morrison. "Our coaches and our team, we prepared all week. I couldn't have asked for a better night, a better gameplan, and we came out with a win so that just topped it all off."

But when you start to look in to Morrison's background a little bit, you shouldn't be surprised that he's had success on the football field. 

His mom played softball at Michigan, and his dad is Steve Morrison. He was a star for the Wolverines and was their captain in 1994. He went on to play in the NFL. 

Steve is now an assistant coach at BGSU, but the highlights that Marco has seen are few and far between. Still, he's certainly aware of all his dad accomplished.

"First of all, the video is on VHS tape and we don't have a VCR player anymore," said Steve. "Their mom played softball at Michigan so they've been around sports all their life, but I don't make a big deal. I wanted those guys to pave their own way and they've done a good job."

"There's a few games recorded on YouTube so I've seen a few of them, but it's a lot of more stories than it is video," said Marco.

Steve tries his best to let Marco do his thing and let the coaches do their job at Anthony Wayne, but he's there when he gets home with any questions.

"It's awesome to know that he had all that success and it's great coming home if I have a football question I can go to him," said Marco. "He's a great figure in my life and I'm honored to have him as my dad."

"Obviously were a sports family. My wife being an athlete and our kids playing," said Steve. "So we do talk a lot about sports, and really the lessons you take from the sport, not talking a lot of scheme and all that stuff."

Dad was a star linebacker at Michigan, and his son was following in his footsteps, but that little taste of quarterback is definitely intriguing to the younger Morrison.

"For me, I just wanted him to play. I just want him to play and have fun, be a good teammate," said Steve. "A week ago, I would've said he really likes defense better. I think he got a little bit of the bug with quarterback last week and he's kind of got that personality where he's got some good self confidence to him and it's just a lot of fun to watch."


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