TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s been inspiring to see all of the random acts of kindness and the community chipping in to help. University of Toledo Football Coach Jason Candle joined in on that today. Helping our first responders who are on the front line dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Toledo Firefighters and police officers were treated to lunch today by Jason Candle. He purchased meals for TFD & TPD with the help of Ed Beczynski and Focaccia’s downtown. Candle covered the bill, because as he said, it was just the right thing to do.

“Nicole and I were talking and we wanted to do something that would not only support a local business that’s been really supportive of our program, but be able to help the first responders that are out there dealing with everything that’s going on in our crazy world today,” said Candle. “Any time, in a time of need or uncertainty, I think everybody’s doing their best to kind of ban together. There’s a lot of local businesses that have supported the Rockets and been really good to our athletic department and certainly our football program. Focaccia’s and the Blarney and the businesses that Ed Beczynski and his team have down there downtown, have been great to us. It was a way to give back, but more importantly to do a small task and a very small thing for people that I have a lot of appreciation for, for all their service and efforts that they put in to make Toledo a great place.”

“Right now, there’s logistic issues with everybody,” said Toledo Fire Chief Brian Byrd. “Not being able to be out in the public, people are concerned about where we’re gonna get food, where are we gonna eat for the day, and to be in a crisis like this and have one less thing that they have to worry about for the day, food is a pretty major thing, it’s amazing that we have that support.”

“I’m very grateful,” said Beczynski. “What I say to those that can help in the community, that have the means, let’s keep this going. Yea, I’d love everybody to call Focaccia’s and the Blarney, but there’s a lot of independent restaurants, we all need your help. This is an opportunity to help the police, the fire, doctors, nurses, all those that can’t stay at home.”

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