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Janet Rychnovsky opens her own golf studio

The golf studio had always been a dream of hers and her late husband.

Swing by swing Janet Rychnovsky is helping people improve their golf game. Now she has a brand new facility to do it. Her golf studio is behind M & N Control in Temperance, Michigan. It has state-of-the-art swing analyzers.

"The big thing with me was not just having numbers, having video attached to numbers. We are the only facility that has that right now," said Janet Rychnovsky. "There are students that are going to see the video and learn faster from that verses the numbers."

Right now Janet teaches about 40 people private lessons but there is always spots for more golfers of any skill level. She’s noticed the private faculty and new equipment has helped golfers improve their game even more.

"It helps them focus. Most of them have set goals for themselves and this helps them achieve that," said Rychnovsky.

This is a dream come true for her she always talked with her late husband, Joe Rychnovsky, about having her own place. Now that’s finally come true.

"As far as having my own stuff, Joe was a big component of that. He always told me I could do it. He wanted me to be on my own. That's why I am standing here. If there was no Joe Rychnovsky there would be no Janet Rychnovsky and at the same time Janet Rychnovksy golf studio either."

For more information on golf lessons, contact Janet Rychnovsky:



Suiler Rd Temperance, Michigan

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