Traveling to Highland Meadows golf club and playing this week in the Marathon Classic is just a pit stop in the life of LPGA rookie Charlotte Thomas.

In her biography on, Thomas says she, “enjoys exploring new places.”

No other statement for any other golfer playing in this tournament this week is more true. 

Thomas, now 26 years old, was born in England and moved to Singapore when she was 13 years old. From there she moved to Spokane, Washington, to attend college and play golf for the Huskies. Now, she resides in Australia, marking her fourth continent (and country) that she has lived in during her life. 

“The first couple of times [I moved] it’s tough, but it gets kind of easier every time,” she told WTOL's Kristi Kopanis. “You learn to just kind of adapt to wherever you live, which is really cool.”

When driving by Highland Meadows golf club, you will see several other national flags, representing the many countries of this week’s competitors. Playing with the different nationalities and cultures of the players on tour is something that Thomas finds strikingly similar to the many places she has lived.

“We went to Singapore when I was 12. That's obviously the biggest cultural change that I’ve ever experienced. It’s kind of made like that when you’re on tour,” she said. “It’s quite a bit easier because obviously there’s so many different nationalities out here, and it’s just, it’s really cool to be able to like connect with those cultures in many ways.”

Furthermore, Thomas has found that moving from place to place, is similar to traveling to different golf courses around the globe. It even has made life easier.

“It makes life a lot easier. You get used to living out of a suitcase for sure, and kind of jumping from one place to another,” she said. “It’s just, you get used to it.”