TOLEDO, Ohio — The Start Spartans went undefeated in their league last year and punched their ticket to the playoffs, but it’s a new year.

The Spartans are back with the same energy and same expectations.

So does the past motivate their future?

“I hope it does,” start head coach Corey Pargo said. “If it doesn’t I make sure to show them that ring right there that’s twenty and zero. You get one of those when you’re a senior. It’s a special thing and a lot of people don’t have that. We are thankful to have that and I think it motivates our kids a lot and you can tell, they get after it."

“We set goals when we win our first game. It’s always going to be championship. We always want to go above and beyond. It’s working day and night doing what we need to do to get where we need to go,” senior and lineman Austin Miller said.

What's different about Start this year is their size, but coach Pargo doesn't use the word "like" when it comes to his big guys on the line.

“No, no, I don’t like our bigs. I love our bigs. The game is won upfront. Blocking and tackling is what wins games. It would be great if we got skills but this year we finally have enough bigs,” Pargo said.

The taste of last year’s playoff loss is still fresh on their minds.

“We have been eager to get after it since that playoff loss. Driving three hours to get blown out, it really hurts so we are eager to get back there,” senior Dominic Haslinger said.

Start opens up their season with Whitmer.


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