KANSAS, Ohio — The Lakota coaching staff was without their two quarterbacks before week one even ended. Leaving them scrambling for a game plan.

That's when senior Trevor Franks walked into their office with an idea.

"Trevor came up to us and said I can be your guy. We talked about it as a coaching staff and that was going to be the best thing for us and moving forward," explained Mike Lento, Lakota's head coach.

"Cause I knew I could lead the young team to some wins and show them some leadership," said Trevor.

Lakota's offense looks much different now than it was supposed to look and somehow Trevor finds a way to make it work.

"We were looking to go 60-40-f. 60% pass 40% run this year. Be able to hide it a bit. Now we are 99% run. I think we have thrown the ball twice in the last two games," said Trevor. "Our guys block really well. It makes it a lot harder. Some teams put six or seven in the box. We find ways to do it."

He's racked up 21 touchdowns so far this season, tying his season record from last year.

There's still two more weeks to go. He holds the school record for rushing yards, career touchdowns, and all purpose yards. 

"He wants it. I tell guys there's been twice he has carried the ball over 50 times a game. What is he going to do? Can his body handle it? He just gets stronger," said Lento.

"Hopefully it sets a goal for someone else to beat. A younger guy hopefully is looking up to me and hoping to beat it one day," said Trevor.

Trevor Frank is WTOL 11's Athlete of the Week