OREGON, OHIO (WTOL) - “One of my best friends when I was super little was like, ‘you know, you should try tennis’,” said Mady Arquette. "So I did it and I tried it and my dad got me my first racket and we hit together when I was super little.”

That was just the beginning for Mady Arquette. From there she started clinics and lessons, working on her game.

Work that paid off two years ago when she became the first tennis player in Clay High School history to make it to state. Two years later, she returns to state with a new mindset.

“My sophomore year, I was a little sophomore and I was scared and I was like, ‘oh my goodness, these girls are amazing'," Arquette said. "I just tried to go in there with more confidence this year and I think it might help me out a little bit better.”

It’s an accomplishment head coach Walt Ralph had no doubt she would achieve after she fell just short of qualifying last year.

“She’s as driven of a kid as I’ve come to know," Ralph said. "She’s willing to put a lot of time and energy into her tennis game and loves it. I think she has a real passion for it.”

As Mady heads into the round of 16 Friday, she’ll keep using the pain of losing last year as motivation.

“I use that as motivation as I will not let that happen again," she said. "I’m going to get through that semifinal match and push through and make it to the finals.”