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Walleye's Hawkins ready for busy summer on and off the ice

The Toledo forward will stay sharp in the newly formed 3ICE hockey league and with roller hockey.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Brandon Hawkins for the Walleye has become well-known for his incredible offensive creativeness.

He pulled off a couple of incredible moves in games that you don't normally see guys even attempting, and he actually credits roller hockey for that.

He will play this offseason for Team USA in the Olympic trials trying to bring roller hockey to the Olympics in two years.

"It's offensive, puck possession, keep-away. Everything you think of in terms of my hands and my shot, I got from roller hockey," said Hawkins. "You have to watch the play develop, you can't just make it happen. Being able to have vision and hockey IQ is definitely from roller hockey."

Hawkins will also take part in the newly formed 3ICE hockey league, which is a 3 on 3 format, much like the regular-season overtime rules in the ECHL.

Walleye captain T.J. Hensick will also be a part of 3ICE and will be teammates with Hawkins.

"I heard (Hensick) was involved and luckily I get to be his line mate there too," said Hawkins. "It's just following dad around, that's the way I look at it."

"It's always a part of me, it's always an itch. You're always going to want to go and play hockey," said Hensick. "I'll enjoy this 3-on-3 and if it's the last time I play professionally, it is what it is, but I've enjoyed every moment of being in Toledo."


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