OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio — Notre Dame Academy’s Grace VanSlooten is one of the best high school girls basketball players in the state, and possibly the country. 

As she and her team were getting set for the State Final Four, the coronavirus postponed the tournament. But that wasn’t the only big thing the sophomore was looking forward to.

Three weeks ago, VanSlooten had a lot going on. While Notre Dame was preparing for their regional final match up with Perrysburg, she was invited to Team USA’s U17 tryout.

“I went last year and I made it to last cut," said VanSlooten. "I was hoping this would be my year. We are praying it still will happen. It's at the end of May so a lot can happen.”

With a lot of uncertainty right now, there’s one thing for certain. She’s not stopping. Putting up shots in the backyard with her dad and staying ready if and when the tryout happens.

“Running outside my house, going to the Meadow, shooting out here with my mom or dad rebounding. Pretty much anything I can do," said VanSlooten.

The experience she gained from last year’s Team USA U16 tryout made her really confident this time around.

“I knew what I had to work on," said VanSlooten. "I knew what everyone who excelled above me had to their game. I was going to work on that throughout the year and make the team.”

The possibility that it could all still happen has her fired up.

“Especially since its been postponed. I really want to make the team. I have had extra time to get ready so there is no excuse to not make it.”

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