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Solheim Cup having a mixed effect on local businesses

The Solheim Cup is expected to bring in some $30 million dollars of direct and indirect sales to our city, but not everyone gets to see it.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Solheim Cup is expected to bring in some $30 million dollars of direct and indirect sales to our city, according to Destination Toledo.

The boost is being felt by certain businesses across Toledo, such as Homeslice Pizza in downtown, who says Friday's crowd was unlike anything they have seen.

"It was wall to wall, where there's no more separation and I can't get out from behind the bar. I can't get out this side I can't get out that side. and I was stuck behind the bar, just trying to hand people what I can handle," said Winfield Luthor, bar manager at Homeslice.

Luthor says that events like the Solheim Cup demonstrate that Toledo is growing and becoming an even more vibrant version of itself.

"Ten years ago, downtown was nothing like this and it's just really fun to see. I've been here for ten years now and it's just awesome to see the growth and everything that's happening. And just building a better Toledo where everyone wants to come down, hang out, and have fun," said Luthor.

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However, not every business is experiencing the Solheim boost. 

El Vaquero at the Docks is just across the river from downtown. But they say since the start of the Solheim Cup they've actually seen the opposite effect.

"I've noticed that we've slowed down this weekend compared to other weekends. I believe we're down like 60 or 40% business-wise," said Luis Malendez, part-owner of El Vaquero.

As the biggest local event of the year, Malendez says he expected to see massive numbers this weekend, but instead he sees empty tables, and business is slower than even a normal Saturday.

"Normally we'd be packed right now here, we'd have people waiting for 45 minutes to an hour or more. Now I have tables open out there," said Malendez.

Malendez says they're counting on Labor Day to help recoup some of the losses from this weekend. And El Vaquero isn't the only business that's being negatively affected.

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Even businesses just down the road from the Inverness Club say they aren't seeing the boost they expected.

While not wanting to be mentioned by name, they say that, because Dorr St. has been shutdown for the Solheim Cup, the event is actually reducing foot traffic into their establishments as well.

While the Solheim Cup is bringing in dollars into Toledo, the unfortunate reality of the situation is not everyone gets to reap the benefits, leaving many businesses hoping for a massive weekend in the lurch.