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Out-of-town guests impressed by Toledo's Solheim Cup

Patty and Sherry Seta-Tabb have been to multiple Solheim Cups and they say Toledo's might be the best one yet.

TOLEDO, Ohio — According to Destination Toledo, some 150,000 tickets have been sold for the Solheim Cup's opening weekend and with less than 24 hours to go before the start of the prestigious competition, out-of-town visitors are taking to Toledo staples like Tony Packo's.

"You gotta come to Tony Packo's when you're in Toledo. So we're just gonna explore downtown and do the fan experience and just do some fun things," said Patty Seta-Tabb, in town for the Solheim Cup.

Patty Seta-Tabb, her partner Sherry and their friend, Jan Koniger, are from Pendleton, Indiana. Watching golf tournaments is one of their favorite hobbies, and for these ladies, the Solheim Cup is the crown jewel.

"It's great to see women, successful women, getting out there and playing, and seeing the crowds is amazing, and supporting America," Patty said.

The trio has been to several Solheim Cups across the country, but Toledo's showing has impressed them.

"There's just so much more for the fans, and many places for people to sit and watch the game, whereas you're not sitting and walking the whole time. So it's a great job and the Inverness Club is beautiful," said Sherry Seta-Tabb.

They're particularly impressed with the energy in the streets of downtown and say it's contagious.

"I think everything from the signage to the flags and just the whole atmosphere, there's a buzz in town... so, we're excited," said Sherry.

Credit: WTOL 11

Guests might be enjoying Toledo, but the city is getting something out of it as well. According to Lance Woodworth, the president of Destination Toledo, the city is expected to net some $30 million in direct and indirect sales from Solheim Cup guests.

These out-of-town guests say that money is well earned with Toledo creating an event that truly lives up to the Solheim name.

"It was amazing seeing what was set up for the event and how much preparation goes into that, and all of the volunteers and organizers," said Patty. "It just makes you feel really good that they're supporting women's sports that way."