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Inverness Club hopeful for more large tournaments after Solheim Cup

Dr. Greg Kasper, president of Inverness Club, is hoping the Solheim Cup will help them land even more large tournaments in the future.

TOLEDO, Ohio — One of the things about the Inverness Club is that they have always been wanting to host major championship golf tournaments. 

That's what this week is really about, being able to set themselves up for the future. 

Dr. Greg Kasper, Inverness Club president, said that the Solheim Cup could help them in the future.

Yes, this is a very important week, but there are more big-time events possible coming down the line.

"It's been a mission of this club since it opened in 1903 to host championships," said Kasper. "The USGA is someone we respect tremendously in that regard, as well as the LPGA in a very similar fashion. We've also talked to the PGA Tour about different things."

"All those discussions are continuing to go on and we're very excited about the renovations that we've done, the commitment of the community, the local corporations, and really how Toledo has stepped up has shown a great face in the community. We're confident that there's going to be a lot more coming in the future."

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