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Caddie Connection: Danielle Kang and her caddie are a dynamic duo

Ollie Brett keeps things light during high-stress situations on the course.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — An LPGA tournament is a high-stress situation. There is so much on the line, from money to world rankings and even sponsorships. To have a caddie that can lighten the mood here and there is a big advantage. Danielle Kang’s caddie, Ollie Brett, is a perfect example of that.

A simple snack turns into a phone call. Maybe a birdie was calling? It’s fun antics and jokes like that, that keep things light in high pressure situations.

“We have a lot of fun. He’s a funny guy,” said Kang. “He definitely keeps me light and focused.

Kang and Brett mix in light hearted moments with the completive ones. He’s her right hand man, always there to guide her through courses and greens. He takes his job very seriously. A bogey for Kang is a bogey for Brett.

“We have that respect for each other that we take faults sometimes and apologize to the other person. That’s the kind of relationship we have on the golf course,” said Kang.

At the end of a round or tournament there’s no better feeling than having someone you trust on your bag, and that’s exactly the relationship these two have.

“He’s like a brother to me. He’s one of the most positive guys I’ve ever met,” said Kang.