TOLEDO, Ohio — In about 4 months, BGSU volleyball’s incoming freshmen will move to campus to get ready for the season. St Ursula Arrow, Hannah best, is one of those. 

She should be in the middle of her final club volleyball season, but with that canceled, she’s found some pretty unique ways to stay ready. 

Best was a firecracker on the court for St. Ursula. The all-state outside hitter led her team deep into the state tournament. She was halfway through her season with Toledo Volleyball Club when it was canceled because of the coronavirus. 

“This season was big for maintaining strength and getting better," said Best. "It was also one last hurrah with your teammates and club you’ve played with for years.”

To make that jump from high school to college ball at the division one level, she had to get creative to stay in top volleyball shape. 

“Change is where growth happens. Being in this new situation I have been doing what I can with it. Volleyball is a mental sport so that’s definitely, with all this time, something I’m really focusing on and using what I have here at home," said Best. 

From box jumps on the retaining wall in her backyard, blocking drills off her garage and transition work down the driveway, Hannah Best is getting ready any way she can.

"Everyone is going through the same thing," said Best. "The playing field is leveled out, but it’s what we can do that is going to set us apart next season that’s really fueling me.”

The one thing she misses is a pepper partner. But with the start of her college career on the horizon, there’s no time to stop.

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