Most people do not spend their weekends traveling through African safaris, exploring among elephants, giraffes and lions. But for LPGA golfer Giulia Molinaro, that is exactly how she spent her childhood.

Molinaro was born in Italy, but when she was just two months old, her parents moved the family to Kenya so her father could attend medical school with intentions of becoming an optometrist. 

“He [my father] was in medical school and he was living in Kenya to be an eye doctor,” Molinaro said. “I was raised in Kenya, but born in Italy. When I was two months old, both my parents brought us back to Kenya when we were two months old. So we were raised there.”

On weekends, Molinaro and her family would travel 45 minutes to the African safari. Making those trips to see the animals became a passion.

“I lived right on the Indian Ocean which is on the coast,” she said. “There was wildlife 45 minutes away if we wanted it. I grew up going to wildlife safaris on a regular basis. I was lucky enough to see elephants or lions whenever we really wanted.”

And that’s when it became a hobby.

“We would go on weekend’s to the safari, So that was a weekend getaway,” she said.